Hey you lovley soul!

If you found my site it’s meant to be! Everything happens for a reason.
I write alot about spiritual growth, chakras, tarot and oracle cards, herbs, healing and crystals. So if you like to know anything about that visit my blog (just click the link in the menu up in the right corner 😉 ) and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me!

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Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Irk Aurora Starlight and I’m a lightworker and hedgewitch, and I’m from Scandinavia (Europe). Even tho I’m only 25 years old I feel like I’ve been through a lot already and in these last 6 years I’ve grown a lot spiritually… I’ve had a hard time as a teenager and at the age of 18 my world opened for me in a new way, I found out that the system is not here to help us, and that changed my whole world perspective. I started researching a lot about the system and about magic and spiritual stuff, that always talked to me in someway and that has always felt like home for me(as a child I always loved watching series and reading about witches and magic, divination and so on).

I’ve been using a lot of time reading on my own but I’ve also taken a course in herbs and their healing powers in Sweden. I make my own Natural Beauty products and my goal is to get them out there and to help people who are lost, don’t feel like they fit in, don’t feel well emotionally. I’ve completed my Vibrational Crystal healer course now, and feel so proud of my self.

I’m now taking a course in self healing, holistic tarot and I’m so excited to learn more even tho I’ve been using crystals and tarot for some years already. I’m here to help myself grow and to help you, I’m a great listener and always wanna help those who I can, so feel free to contact me with any questions you got!


Love and Light – Irk Aurora Starlight

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Contact me

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might got, I always try to answer the best I can.


Love and Light – Irk Aurora Starlight

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