How to see your aura

Okey so today we are talking about how to see your aura.
I’ve seen auras for sometime, not always but if I’m in the rigth mood or feel connected I usually see them even if I don’t think about it, and sometimes it’s a bit harder (usually I think its easier to read others auras than my own).

But in todays course that I’m taking in Crystal healing on Blossomunited I was reading about this,(haven’t really thought about it in some time now) and got some tips about how you can train to see your own aura, so let me tell you some tips! 🙂


  1. Spread your hand against a white background, like a wall or as I did against snow, with your palm facing yourself  (because nature talks more to me than just a blank wall I prefer the snow.)
  2. Look at your hand with soft eyes for a couple of minutes.
  3. Be aware of the space between your fingers because here is were you first will start to see the aura. At first it usually dosen’t have any color, it’s just like energy. But when you focus and get it clearer it will take on some color.
    TIPS: Move it slowly back and forth against the background if you don’t see anything.


So actually I did see an aura, when I was outside and also from this picture. Outside I thougt it was blue-green or turquoise.. and from the picture I think it was more greenish.. Please let me know what you think and see?! 🙂

Have you guys tested this? Did it work for you? What colors did you see?

I think everybody sees colors differently but I’ve always loved colors and they’ve made an huge impact on my life so with some reading and my own personal taught I’ve come up to this (please let me know if you think diffrently, I like to hear other peoples opinions)

Red – sensitive, vitality, raw energy or anger and discomfort.
Orange – Emotions, creativity.
Yellow – Personal power, mental power, intellect
Green – love, spirituallity, nature lover, natural healer
Blue – highly spiritual, natural teacher, communication, healer
Violett – very highly spiritual, psychic, clairvoiance, healer, teacher
Gold – Highly advanced spirituality and psychic


Hope you learned something new today.

Love and Light – Irk Aurora Starlight



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