New year

After my yoga pass i did some short meditating and drew som cards for the new year with my Spirit de la luna deck that i got for christmas ❤


And as I promised on Instagram i will now tell you a little bit more about the cards meanings.

Question 1: What is rising in my life?
Waning Gibbous – LISTEN

Inward energies are beginning to activate. The currents of water, emotions and intuition are growing stronger within you. It is time to really listen to your inner wisdom. The more you let your intuition speak, the clearer messages will become. You need to trust the voice within you. Your inner seer will not lead you astray.

So I’ve felt this for some time now, my intution is growing stronger. Good for me 🙂


Question 2: How is the energy moving?


Waxing gibbous – MANIFEST

You have the ability and resources within and around you to manifest! If your soul is in alignment with your path and the highest good, you are more than halfway there. Belif in your magick and gifts is so vital now. To manifest is to know you are worthy of your desires. Manifest what is yours and share your magic!

I’m on my way and manifesting my dreams!




Question 3: What is being completed?


Waxing Crescent – CREATE

It is time to create. The imaginal realm can be a powerful portal to help unlock your desires. Take time to create art, daydream and write to build the world you want to be surrounded by. Create from your heart and see were it takes you.

I’ve been dreaming about taking these courses and building my own holistic buissness to help others and I feel like I’m on the right way now.




Question 4: What is slowing down?


Waning Crescent – SUPPORT

Feel the support beneath you and the solidarity of earth. Connect to your foundationsof strong muscles and bones to hold you upright. You will find that you are supported in every moment of your life. Call upon your crystal companions for further suport and grounding. When your spirit is supported new layers of empowerment can grow and you can soar to new heights.

Okey, need to work more on grounding. But my crystals are calling for me 🙂



Question 5: What am I making room for?


Gemini – THE TWINS

you feel pulled in many directions right now because there is alot of external and internal dialogue at play. What is your spirit leaning towards? More social outings may be accurring and this can be a wonderful opportunity to meet like minds and to express yourself.

Oh I hope I meet like minds trough here, atleast I will express myself 🙂





So that was mine new years spread for this year.
Happy new year to you all and hope you all have a light and wonderful year 2017!

Love and Light – Irk Aurora Starlight




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