How does Crystal Healing work?

Crystal healing is an spiritual artform (not religous) that includes many types of vibrational tools, such as Crystals, Essential oils, Color therapy, Coaching, Sound healing and Intuition.

Crystal healing can be viewed as a special type of energy healing. It aids the client to Self-healing, using subtle electromagnetic frequencies (including sound waves, visible color/light therapy, crystals and thought).

In my view Crystal healing is a cooperative effort of a practioner, the crystals and the bodys energetic and spiritual anatomy (Aura & Chakras) meditation, and the power of intention.

Every Crystal vibrates on its own frequencies, the same as our body and energy centers (chakras) does. Crystals energy never change, they are constant unlike our bodys energy that is constantly changing. For example if you bring an red crystal (red jasper) to your root chakra you are introducing an pure similar level of vibration to that chakra but in its  optimally vibrating esscense. The Crystals energy can then interact with the chakra and correct its flow, bringing it back in balance. In this case the crystal works somewhat like a tuning fork.

All frequencies  have diffrent proporties and works diffrently helping us with diffrent things.


I hope this made some sense to you atleast, its quite an hard topic to describe in an easy way.

If you got any questions feel free to ask me!

Love and Light – Irk Aurora Starlight



Today I did an Crystal Chakra balancing on me so here is a photo to give you a little more understanding on how it works 🙂 Here you see how I both used color and crystal therapy on the lower chakras.



Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.

Just because a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from any such properties.

Crystal healing are something I believe in and as always you should trust your own intuiton in what works for you. We are all individuals.


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