Crystal grids

I’m totally hooked on crystal grids right now so I tought  I would learn you a little bit about them 🙂 First of all I always follow my intuition when I do a grid so that’s rule number one ;P But otherwise I think you can do grids (almost) however you like as long as you hold a clear intention of what you would like to do.


When you make a grid you usually use some kind of crystals and a bigger crystal for the center piece, then you place them in a geometric form that you think suites it the best (spiral, circle, flower of life and so on) Then you can use essential oils, herbs, cards, colors and more to make the grid even more beautiful and powerful.

Today I did a crystal grid for the sacral chakra and creativity since it felt like I need that in my life right now so here is a pic of that: img_0955

Before I did this grid I cleansed the room and myself, got into my meditative mode and started listening to what I need today, my intuition told me I need to bring more creativity into my life and since the sacral chakra stands for that I pulled out my seeds of shakti oracle cards for the center piece. Then I took my Rose quartz (for self-love) and laid that one in the middle. Carnelian on each side of that because they balance the sacral chakra and brings creativity, self-esteem, personal power and courage. Besides that a Tourmaline, who bring inspiration, grounding and creativity. Beside the Tourmaline there is some Citrine, for creativity, happiness, self-esteem and awareness. On the other side of the Citrine there are some Hematite, also for grounding and courage.
After that I took 4 small Citrines and placed them in a smaller circle inside the grid.
Then I felt I need to make this grid even more powerful so I took 4 quartz points and pointed them into the middle. And then I took some rose petals and some orange essential oil and sprinkled it around, after that I activated it with a selenite stick 🙂


In this video one of my role models Hibiscus Moon describes in a very easy way how to do a grid and how to activate it:

Here are some other grids I’ve made:


For clarity and self-love


For Intuition



Love and light .- Irk Aurora Starlight


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